American Philosophical Association Book Prize 2015: Honorable Mention

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"Adrienne Martin decidedly advances our understanding of an elusive piece of human experience thinkers have reflected upon for centuries. ... A finely honed model of philosophical argument, this beautifully written, accessible, and compassionate work will engross and enlighten people from across the academic disciplines, as well as the interested casual reader."--Susan Sugarman, Princeton University
"Martin develops a strikingly original analysis of what hope involves[.] Her book is rich with insights and is the most sophisticated and extensive philosophical analysis of hope available."--Cheshire Calhoun, Arizona State University
"Hope is an important yet recently neglected philosophical topic. Hope plays a central role in our daily plans and in the ways we face upheaval, illness, and loss. But is hope rational? Does it do any good? Martin's fresh look at these questions is insightful, rigorously and resourcefully argued, and genuinely illuminating. A further strength is the book's serious engagement with Kant, Hume, and other historical thinkers."--Martha C. Nussbaum, University of Chicago.
"Inspired by her work with terminally ill cancer patients, Martin provides a valuable analysis of hope that makes excellent use of the tools of analytic philosophy, recent work in neuropsychology, and the philosophies of Immanuel Kant and Gabriel Marcel."--Choice